If I could say it in words I wouldn’t create art.

My Artistic Practice

When I am creating a painting, my aim is to give suggestions of something similar enough to my audience so that they can ground themselves in it with their own memories or reminiscence of being somewhere familiar. They can attribute their feelings, knowledge and experience to recognisable landscapes. When I am painting it’s exciting, the unknown. The unknown direction a work may take; the battle between head and gut, the unknown reaction that the work might invite. These things are incredibly powerful and addictive for me – things that really keeps me painting.

So why does art matter?

Art teaches history and tells our story, look at the Egyptian hieroglyphs for instance, or even the cave paintings. Simple shapes, marks and symbols give us incredible insights into the life of early man. It is the one of the things that distinguishes us as human. WHY? Is it the need to document our lives and say, ‘I was here’?

Art is part of our everyday lives, even if you don’t realise.

Imagine a world without film, writing, dancing, singing, acting – what a dull place!

Art is freedom. Art advocates difference. Art has the power to broaden our own perceptions and understand other point of views. Art can be used to make a statement.

It can highlight the importance of current issues, it opens dialogue and creates communication between the artist and the audience. It allows us to engage with society whether it is painting and drawing or video and installation. To be able to pose and express your response to important questions such as the environment, human rights or political views. Art has the freedom to be able to voice these ideas. The possibilities are limitless when you want to convey a message.

Did you enjoy drawing and painting and making as a child? Didn’t it make your feel invincible – you could be or do whatever you imagined.

I’m one of the lucky ones who still enjoys that overwhelming feeling. When I paint, the world is in my hands. I don’t see how I will ever give that up. I can communicate to someone a world away without saying a single word. I can bring joy or intrigue. I can document our lands for the future. I can make the world around me a little less dull…

Later this month my next exhibition will open, A Journey in Textures with my latest series of paintings.

Open yourself to art and see the possibilities…they truly are limitless.