If I could say it in words I wouldn’t create art. My Artistic Practice When I am creating a painting, my aim is to give suggestions of something similar enough to my audience so that they can ground themselves in it with their own memories or reminiscence of being somewhere familiar. They can attribute their feelings, knowledge and experience to recognisable landscapes. When I am painting it’s exciting, the unknown. The unknown direction a work may take; the battle between head and gut, the unknown reaction that the work might invite. These things are incredibly powerful and addictive for me … Read MoreSpeech

Seeing & Feeling

How do we view an image? It can be said that an oil painting in its frame is like an imaginary window open onto the world. But we often see more than what there is to view, so how do we see? We never just look at one thing, we are always looking at the relationship between objects and ourselves. Our vision is continually active, continually moving, continually hungry. So, when thinking about visual art and the way we look at paintings, I as an artist I must remember that the viewer is influenced by what they know, believe or … Read MoreSeeing & Feeling

My Favourite View

My Favourite View  For me, the landscape has been my main influence throughout my artistic career. Landscape is a constant, although seasons change and colours transform it is an expectation that these elements of mother nature will always be present and the belief in this gives us a sense of safety and comfort in the familiar. When we are out in the landscape and there is nothing for miles except an ever-changing sky and endless horizon it gives us the realisation that we are only a small part of the puzzle. Have you ever looked out of the window of … Read MoreMy Favourite View