You are warmly invited to the opening of ‘A Journey In Textures’.
FREE ENTRY Opening Event – Friday 18th May (6:30pm – 8:30pm)
Failbetter, The Old Wig, 55 Great Tindal St, Birmingham, B16 8DR


Wide open spaces have always captivated Morrison. The enveloping quality of a vista that surrounds you in its entirety; fixing you in isolation. Immersed in the beauty or drama of the landscape, the viewer finds themselves exploring vivid green hilltops or windswept fields.
Morrison’s lavish application of paint is highlighted in her most recent series A Journey in Textures, representing eclectic views from her explorations of the British Isles. Sumptuous oil almost drips from the gestural marks upon the canvas that lead the eye from breaking waves, to rugged rocks, to dense clouds.
These abstract representations document the character and essence of the lands in their time and place, allowing us a moment of intense focus.

Failbetter is a project space and artist led studios based at The Old Wig, 55 Great Tindal Street, Birmingham. Theye specialise in residencies, one-off events and short exhibitions providing artists with space and support to develop risky, experimental work.

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