Endless Horizons & Ever-changing Skies: An Exploration of the Colour & Forms of the British Landscape

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Endless Horizons and Ever-changing skies is an exploration of form, colour and movement within the British Landscape expressed through oil paint. Morrison uses tradition surfaces such as linen and a modern surface of copper-plate to create this original series.The chosen colours are bold and bright selected to present the intensity of the landscape on the canvas. Each chosen colour for the palette is repeated throughout the series creating a variety of tones but with a distinct relationship to each other.

A strong focus on mark making is evident through these new works alongside exploration of defining lines and separations found where the land or sea meets with the sky. Linen provides a surface that supports a great amount of pigment, showcasing texture and depth, while the copper surface provides new dimensions of warmth and reflection.

When we see a landscape, we situate ourselves in it.

‘’Landscape is a constant, although seasons change and colours transform it is an expectation that these elements of mother nature will always be present and the belief in this gives us a sense of safety and comfort in the familiar. When we are out in the landscape and there is nothing for miles except an ever-changing sky and endless horizon it gives us the realisation that we are only a small part of the puzzle.

By studying the horizon line, I look to document the physical boundary which separates the sky from the land. There is never truly a flat horizon. Many times, the horizon line is obscured by trees, land formations or manmade structures.Though the horizon line is always there, it dominates and commands to be seen, yet its appearance changes, in both colour and form, according to the light and weather. When we are confronted with a veil of mist the distance of the view has been physically moved. Our view is completely obstructed with little colour, light or tone available to the viewer. These new works feature gestural brushstrokes that explore the range of weather conditions that can dictate how clearly or far we see into the distance.”

This latest set of paintings showcases bold and colourful views of the British landscape. It encapsulates the textures of our land that stretches across the plains and peaks. Every view is unique to its location and view. The series is a continuous exploration of colours, pigments and different weather conditions. So, take a look at the world captured for you.

Oil on Copper: A collection of expressive miniature paintings inspired by the many views, shapes and forms of the British landscape. Using ultra-smooth surfaces such as copper gives a glossy finish and creates an extra element of light, warmth and vibrancy within the oil painting. These original oils on copper artworks are mounted, signed, titled & professionally framed in a white moulding. For more information about any of the paintings shown on this site please email info@lucyfionamorrison.co.uk